Aug 24

Three cubans and one gringo walk into a bar…

Arthur Hanlon fulfills Habana streets with magic and swing at the sound of “Como suena el piano” with Orishas 

Credit: AH Music

“I know the guy is American, but listen how he plays piano!”- Yotuel Romero, Orishas frontman
After filming “Como suena el piano” music video in Cuba, honorable pianist is set to begin “Gringo en La Habana” tour October 11
Miami, FL. (August 20, 2019) – And the result is “Como Suena el Piano,” the most exhilarating track of the summer. We invite you to listen to pianist Arthur Hanlon’s new single with iconic Cuban group Orishas, due out Aug. 23 on Sony Music Latin. 
“Como Suena El Piano” (Listen to the piano) is an irresistible mix of friendship, cultures and sounds that knows no borders: American blues and Cuban son, raps and melodies. 
Nicknamed “Gringo En La Habana”, “Como Suena El Piano” is the product of friendship and serendipity. Arthur and Orishas met in the hallway of their record label Sony Music and there was instant musical chemistry. A “we should do something together” morphed into a 2 am Miami jam session with producer Andres Castro. 
To Yotuel’s surprise, Arthur couldn’t just play blues; he could also do a mean tumbao. The jam session turned into an irresistible party track that harks back to Orisha’s classic rap over Cuban beats, and incorporates Arthur’s dazzling virtuosity.

Credits: Lourival Rodriguez (Sony Music México)

“Working with Arthur has been amazing. It is incomparable the way he finds rhythm in each note. We have to plan future projects” said Yotuel Romero, Orishas lead singer.
The music video was produced between Miami and La Habana which consolidated a true collaboration between the artists.
“For me, music like life is about chemistry,” said Arthur. “I was in Sony for a meeting brainstorming for song ideas when I literally ran into Yotuel and Orishas. It was definitely a ‘musical magic moment’. I just felt a rare special energy between us. One late night jam session later “Como Suena El Piano” was born. I now count Yotuel as one of my closest friends and whenever Orishas and I get together it’s an instant musical party.”
“Como Suena El Piano” is the follow-up to “Si Tu Te Vas,” Arthur’s hit collab with Colombian star Fonseca. 
The “Gringo en La Habana” tour takes its name from Arthur’s recent visit to Cuba, where he collaborated with Cuban powerhouses Orishas with the single “Como suena el piano” promising to be a global hit. The concert will also feature Latin classic repertoire, reimagined and recast in Arthur’s signature mix of pop, blues jazz, as well as his previous music production “Si Tu Te Vas” in collaboration with Fonseca.   
Chart-topping pianist/composer/arranger and Billboard and Emmy nominated Arthur Hanlon is the single most recognizable name in Latin instrumental music today. Born in Detroit to Irish American parents, Hanlon found his calling in the Latin music, becoming the only pianist to hit No.1 on the Billboard Latin charts.


October 11th: Fort Lauderdale (Amaturo Theater):
October 16th: Los Angeles (Catalina Jazz Club):
November 5th: New York (Sony Hall):
November 6th: Washington, D.C. (The Howard Theater):
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Arthur Hanlon, Orishas - Como Suena el Piano