Oct 26

“Shaky Shaky” from Daddy Yankee has become the most heard song in The United States

#1 in Hot Latin Songs charts and Latin Streaming Songs of Billboard


Daddy Yankee is the urban artist with the most songs on on the Hot Latin Songs chart, adding his 44 hit with “Shaky Shaky”

#4 in Youtube global chart

#1 in Youtube Mexico for 2 consecutive weeks

#1 in Spotify Argentina

More than 67 million streams on Spotify

Miami, FL (October 25, 2016)- “Shaky Shaky” the king of Reggaeton, Daddy Yankee, continues to add hits and has positioned himself as a favorite among the public. On this occasion, “Shaky Shaky” finds itself in the #1 position of the Hot Latin Songs chart and Latin Streaming Songs of Billboard Magazine. With this achievement, Daddy Yankee has a sum of 44 songs on the Hot Latin Songs chart, making him the urban artist with the most songs in on this chart of the Billboard Magazine. This hit has attracted audiences of all ages and different tastes in music because of the songs choreography and catchy rhythm, people can not stop listening and dancing to the infectious theme.

The leader of the urban movement, Daddy Yankee, also has the fourth most viewed video in the world thanks to “Shaky Shaky”. The artist stands in fourth place in the Youtube global chart with more than 357 million views. As if that were not enough,the successful hit has over 67 million streams on Spotify.

“Shaky Shaky” has been so successful that Yankee with Nicky Jam and Plan B created a remix to the catchy song. The remix was launched a little over a week ago and the video lyrics already has more than million views. Daddy Yankee expressed that “I wanted to make a memorable remix and I knew that I could count with Nicky Jam and Plan B I would get a great result because they know perfectly this type of sound, which pulls more the the root of reggaeton music. It seems like a new song, more than a remix, it’s like a new verion of “SHAKY SHAKY”.

“Shaky Shaky” began as an improvisation of the artist and immediately took over social media. The song has had the capability to move from coast to coast, ranking among the biggest hits of all time. Several national and international media have labeled the song as a “success of reggaeton” and a “viral sensation” by the #ShalyChallenge:

“Agile, simple and catchy, the success of reggaeton of Daddy Yankee is among the most effective, a throwback to his simple singles from a decade ago.”-
The New York Times

“After Trumpets, came another viral sensationknown as the #ShakyChallenge, derived from the single’Shaky Shaky’ from Daddy that made everyone dance in the Philippines.” – GMA Network Philippines

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