Oct 15

Rich Music Presents an Explosion of New Music with their Latest Production: “The Academy”

Simultaneously with their new EP, Rich Music presents their latest single “Uniforme” along with the official music video

Miami, FL. (October 11th, 2019). Presented by Rich Music, the new wave of Urban music comes together for an explosive new production which brings together the best voices & producers in the Latin music industry. This promising EP titled “The Academy” is out TODAY, in collaboration with Sech, Feid, Dalex, Lenny Tavárez, Justin Quiles, among other big artists in the genre. “The Academy” is now available on all digital platforms. 
The Academy” includes a total of 7 tracks produced by one of the most popular producers in the music industry, Dímelo Flow, among others including Jowan, Simon, Swifft, DVLOP, SP. It should also be noted that on each track, Rich Music’s principle artists (Sech, Dalex, & Justin Quiles) also stand out as composers, creating themes that fit into each artists original style. 
After the success of the first single off of the EP, “Quizás” reaching over 16 million views on YouTube & over 20 million streams on Spotify, TODAY is the premiere of their second single “Uniforme,” along with its official music video. Not only does this track unite Rich Music’s principle artists, but it is also a collaboration with some of reggeaton’s legends: De La Ghetto & Zion y Lenox. This sensual & energetic track unites romanticism with old school reggaeton, taking the public back to the beginnings of the genre with phrases of past songs. The track consists of a woman who is being desired, but is not in search of falling in love. She just wants to party at the club, dance, and have a great time. “Con la mano en la pared. No le hablen de amor en la pared. Es que la baby vino a eso. Dice que enamorarse pa’ qué, pa’ qué, pa’ qué” states the chorus of this track, which has promise to turn into the next big hit of the urban genre. The video, with a very artistic aesthetic & coloration, was directed by Unenano, & produced by Wildhouse Pictures
The EP also has collaborations with Wisin & Zion on the explosive track, “Quizas,” along with other participants Cazzu on “Imagínate” y Mariah en “Feel Me”. Each track is in collaboration with each member of the The Avengers, as it has been cataloged to the new wave of urban music: Sech, Dalex, Feid, Justin Quiles, & Lenny Tavárez. 
“The Academy”: Track List
  1. Quizás– Sech, Dalex, Feid, Lenny Tavárez, J Quiles ft. Zion, Wisin
  2. Imagínate– Sech, Dalex, Feid, Lenny Tavárez, J Quiles ft. Cazzu
  3. Perreo en la luna– Sech, Dalex, Feid, Lenny Tavárez, J Quiles
  4. Porno– Sech, Dalex, Feid, Lenny Tavárez, J Quiles
  5. Uniforme– Sech, Dalex, Feid, Lenny Tavárez, J Quiles ft. De la Ghetto, Zion & Lenox
  6. Me Pregunta– Sech, Dalex, Feid, Lenny Tavárez, J Quiles
  7. Feel me– Sech, Dalex, Feid, Lenny Tavárez, J Quiles ft. Mariah
Rich Music LTD headquartered in Miami, FL is a record label who was in 2017 nominated in the category “Latin Rhythm Albums Label of the Year.” Created in 2007, by father and son Rich and Josh Mendez the label was born out of their love for the music. Their studio, “The Social Hive” is a creative agency designed to help clients build and create their brands. Rich Music LTD quickly gained traction in the Latin market when they signed Latin Urban artist Justin Quiles. Currently, Rich Music LTD has signed Sech, Dalex, producers Dimelo Flow, Simon, Rike Music, Jhon El Divertido, and Chris Marsh, besides the influencers Christian Melendez and Tatu Baby.