Dec 27

Reggaeton Pioneer and Iconic Fashion Trendsetter, De La Ghetto Closes 2019 with Exclusive Bleu Magazine Cover Feature

Miami, FL. (December 20, 2019)Reggaeton-Trap Pioneer, Latin Grammy® nominated recording artist and iconic fashion trendsetter, De La Ghetto, closes out 2019 with an exclusive cover feature with Bleu Magazine, a forward-thinking men’s lifestyle  publication that captures the aspirations of a youthful audience, by focusing on trends, influences, culture and leaders of today.
In an exclusive interview with the Puerto Rican Urban-Reggeaton star, Blue Magazine writes, “In the music realm, a similar principle stands for earning the seal of approval as a dynasty. The careers of artists such as Michael Jackson, Prince, and even Jay-Z have set precedents other artists have only dreamed of replicating. But in the Latin urban genre, few dynasties stand rival to that of De La Ghetto. The reggaetonero has come a remarkably long way from the streets of La Perla, Puerto Rico, ascending to and remaining at the top of the Latin music industry since 2006. Yet in spite of three Latin Grammy® nominations, countless hit records, and recognition as a Reggaeton legend, De La Ghetto remains hungrier than ever.”
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Aside from two recent Latin Grammy® nods, De La Ghetto recently visited Miami, FL during Art Basel week for a special announcement in partnership with Moët & Chandon and legendary photographer Jonathan Mannion. An exclusive dinner toasted De La Ghetto in celebration of the launch of the new “Nectar of the Culture” campaign by Moët Nectar Impérial Rosé, which honored De La Ghetto as Miami’s Pioneer for the campaign. In order to capture the essence of the campaign, Moët & Chandon and Mannion hosted exclusive dinners throughout multiple U.S. cities including New York, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles and Chicago. Each city’s pioneer was chosen by way of how they express their passions, whether it be through music, fashion, innovation, empowerment and community outreach.

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