Feb 27

Campanario Entertainment, Argos Television, and Telemundo Network Present Their New Super Series, Camelia La Texana

Inspired by the Legendary Los Tigres del Norte’s popular song, “Contrabando y Traición”


(MIAMI, FL) February 25, 2014 – Campanario Entertainment along with Telemundo Network gear up for the premiere of their highly anticipated super-series, Camelia La Texana premiering tonight at 10pm/ 9c on Telemundo. The super series brings to life the story and folklore of the infamous Camelia La Texana, legendary tale inspired by the Los Tigre’s del Norte’s popular song, “Contrabando y Traicion”.

“Camelia La Texana” tells the story of an innocent and beautiful young woman who tries to escape her fate. Her mother trying to keep her from a fate that pursues her. Trying to run away and start a life of adventure, Camelia meets her greatest love, which also becomes her greatest betrayal: Emilio Varela. Emilio is one of her pursuers, who will promise her the stars and sky, becoming the greatest heartbreak. The story was set in the 1970’s, and was filmed throughout various locations in the US and Mexico under the direction of Oscar-nominated director, Carlos Bolado and movie producer, Tita Lombardo.

Campanario Entertainment, uniquely defined as a creative workshop is on the forefront of evolutionizing the way latin programing is delivered in both content and visuals. Camelia La Texana was shot all in high definition under the direction and crew of major motion picture professionals comprised of over 200 production crew members and 97 actors.

“Campanario is excited to be at this forefront in Spanish programming. We’re looking forward to the reaction from fans and viewers following the premiere of the super-series tonight at 10pm/9c on Telemundo. We wanted to provide a higher level of entertainment, and create a series that not only engaged fans in the story but also bring them an answer to the 40 year old urban legend by introducing them to the adventures of Camelia La Texana.” Says Diana Mejia-Jones, Vice President at Campanario Entertainment.